History of our club

In January 1992 a group of twenty classic car enthusiasts who had met each other at various car club gatherings, decided to start their own Car Club. They met at one of their homes and immediately elected a President. At that time all were asked to think of a name and a logo and then decided to meet again in one month.

At their February meeting, all the suggested names and logo�s were discussed and a vote was taken. The name chosen was Still Cruisin Car Club and the logo picked was an �everything� car designed by one of the members. It was really exciting. They were all working together to create a way to enjoy their old cars and take a memorable �step back in time� and bring it into the future.

At the next meeting in March 1992, a Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer were elected. They also had the arduous task of choosing club colors. By the end of the evening, it was decided that Purple & White would be the official colors.

Members thought it would be unique to be a Family Oriented Club, which meant spouses, children, significant others etc. could be active participants. This has been and continues to be tremendously successful.

We now began to participate in all the up coming functions put on by other clubs and we began thinking of ways to best run shows and to decide for what purpose. It was decided that we would be a non-for-profit organization and would have car shows to benefit those in need.

In 1994, Still Cruisin Car Club became Incorporated as a Non-For-Profit Corporation. We registered a copyright of our logo. We voted to �cap� our membership at 50 families to make sure we maintained a close and friendly group where everyone knows each other�s name.

We have since done tremendous amounts of fund-raising car shows and events for many organizations such as VFWs, Fire Departments, Schools, MADD, Chambers of Commerce, Breast Cancer Foundation, AHRC, Toys for Tots, Make A Wish Foundation, Support our Troops and many other worthy causes.

Our membership has become a very tight knit group. Along with all the benefit shows we run, we also participate in many social functions among ourselves. The fun and camaraderie is a blessing. We truly have become a Family!

If you have an American made, pre 1980 vehicle that is registered and insured and you are looking for a fun place to show off you classic, interested in participation with our fundraising efforts, and are family oriented, why not visit with us and think about joining the Fabulous 50's& 60's Nostalgia Car Club. We have attached a �new member application� that you can fill out and forward to the address on the application.

Please e-mail to the President:
Ish Castillo ismaelcastillo504@gmail.com


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